Work Package 2 structure

The activities of WP2 are organised in the following tasks and sub-tasks (see also the following figure for graphical explanation):


Structure of Work Package 2  activities


Task 2.1: European Power System Model (EPSyM) identification and adaptation 


Sub-Task  2.1.1: Review of existing models and EU energy scenarios up to 2050


Sub-Task 2.1.1 assesses the status quo of several existing and relevant models and scenarios up to 2050 in/for Europe and defines which outputs (if any) from these models can be used.


Sub-Task 2.1.2: Identification of the modelling tool


Sub-task 2.1.2 identifies the modelling tool able to perform the scenario analyses for the energy systems of EU27+ and Balkan Countries outside EU , interested to European energy infrastructure extensions.


Sub-Task 2.1.3: Adaptation of the modelling approach


Sub-task 2.1.3 adapts the model chosen in ST 2.1.2 in order to develop scenarios, with both electricity and natural gas infrastructures. A suitable description of the reliability characteristics of the energy transmission systems will be evaluated and identified.


Sub-Task 2.1.4: Modelling of Western Balkans countries


Sub-task 2.1.4 includes  complete and calibrated models of the energy systems of Western Balkans countries in the modelling tool on the basis of outputs of S.T 2.2.2


Task 2.2: Long term scenario analyses


Sub-Task 2.2.1: Projections for energy services demands  


Sub-task 2.2.1 develops Suitable projections for the energy services demands are developed, with particular detail on the electrical services ones.

Sub-Task 2.2.2: Data collection to support modelling of Western Balkans countries

Sub-task 2.2.2 retrieves the information about the present and forecasted demand (mid-term and long-term) of energy services in the region of Western Balkans outside EU

Sub-Task 2.2.3: Definition of scenarios to be investigated

In addition to a Business as Usual (BAU) scenario, different options will be defined in Sub-task 2.2.3 for the primary energy sources availabilities and costs; different renewable energy penetration in the market; different technological improvements in the energy network management. The time horizon of the simulations is also defined.

Sub-Task 2.2.4: Analyses on development of large-scale intermittent sources

Sub-task 2.2.4 develops scenario analyses on large-scale (intermittent) RES-E deployment in the EU countries, including Western Balkans.  

Sub-Task 2.2.5: Execution and review of simulations

In Sub-task 2.2.5 the adopted model will be executed for the set of scenarios and options defined

Task 2.3: Reporting of scenario analysis results and inputs to WP3

Task 2.3 analyses the results of the simulations and gives suitable inputs to WP3; prepares a synthesis report on results to be used in WP3 activities and the final report of the work package




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