Work Package 1

Task 1.1: Undergrounding transmission by innovative cables 

Sub-task 1.1.1: Incorporation of cable technologies

Sub-task 1.1.1 investigates the technical issues and the prospects for incorporation of new cable technologies, in particular extruded polymeric cables for use with HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) systems. A synthetic description of performances and benefits is prepared, as a contribution for the preparation of the technology roadmap.

Sub-task 1.1.2:  Advanced monitored cable systems

Sub-task 1.1.2 analyses the technical issues and the prospects for installation of ‘Smart Underground Cable Systems’, both for AC and DC applications. A laboratory prototype of the “smart cable system” is also achieved.

Task 1.2: Improving network controllability by means of innovative grid technologies 

Sub-task 1.2.1: FACTS  

Sub-task 1.2.1 focuses on the applicability of advanced power electronics-based devices like FACTS (Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System). The result is to provide a technical and economic planning guideline towards the integration of FACTS for power flow control.

Sub-task 1.2.2: HVDC

Sub-task 1.2.2 deals with High Voltage DC transmission (HVDC) systems with cable and voltage source converters. develops a technical and economical planning guideline of how to integrate such HVDC systems into existing meshed AC networks.

Sub-task 1.2.3: Coordinated control of FACTS and HVDC

Sub-task 1.2.3 concentrates on the control system set-up for a coordinated control of the devices of sub-tasks 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 aimed at preventing the power system from black-outs and cascading effects.

Task 1.3: Large interconnections and further synchronization of power systems

Sub-task 1.3.1: Information about the IPS/UPS system and prospects for interconnection with UCTE

Sub-task 1.3.1 collects information about IPS/UPS (Independent Power Systems / Unified Power System of Russian Federation), operation experience, investigation of rational solutions for joint operation with UCTE.

Sub-task 1.3.2: Asynchronized Synchronous Machines

Sub-task 1.3.2 investigates electric equipment which may become new extra technology for transmission and equipment, with performances similar to those of Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System (FACTS). Such facilities, known as Asynchronized Synchronous Machines (ASMs), are able to provide voltage and power flow control.

Task 1.4: Evaluation of the efficiency and expected impact of innovative technologies

Sub-task 1.4.1: Scanning of past and ongoing development work on promising technologies and the related existing cost/benefit analysis for transmission system operators at EU level 

Sub-task 1.4.1 summarizes the technologies that needs more in-depth review, in order to construct a catalogue of candidate solutions to address EU wide issues.

Sub-task 1.4.2: Investigation of the technological/economic/social barriers and catalysts that will slow down or accelerate the network incorporation of innovative technologies at the European level

Sub-task 1.4.2 identifies barriers and catalysts that will either hamper or foster the use of new technologies in the EU grid and filters out the innovative technologies that deserve in-depth analysis to be performed in sub-task 1.4.3 and 1.4.4

Sub-task 1.4.3: Evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of the most promising technologies at guaranteeing reliability and controllability of the increasingly interconnected European transmission system. 

The purpose of Sub-task 1.4.3 is to gather the opinions of a significant number of European Transmission System Operators on the effectiveness and efficiency for each of the innovative technologies chosen at the end of Year 1 in sub-task 1.4.2.

Sub-task 1.4.4: Evaluation of the benefits of the most promising technologies 

The purpose of Sub-task 1.4.4 is to provide a coherent and complete assessment of the benefits of the innovative technologies from the interacting perspectives of:

  • Investor/owner/operators of the technology;
  • the whole transmission or distribution network operations;
  • the whole transmission or distribution network cost of ownership;
  • the “Society” as a whole.

Sub-Task 1.4.5: Preparation of the final report of WP1, including the roadmap for the incorporation of new transmission technologies into the electricity grids


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