Role of the Stakeholders' Board


The Stakeholders’ Board of REALISEGRID gathers the most important European stakeholders either not part of the REALISEGRID consortium or high-ranking executives of consortium member organizations with a wide view of the problems. The body has a consulting role on results and solutions provided within the project, upon specific questions sent in advance to the meetings together with short working documents. Point of view and suggestions of the stakeholders are taken into account for the finalization of the project documents. The meetings of the Stakeholders’ Board are called on an approximately yearly basis.
On September 29th, 2009, during the Paris Meeting of the REALISEGRID Project, the Stakeholders’ Board was gathered for the first time. Here, the discussion covered the following four topics:
  • cost-benefit analysis as a support to a future transmission planning based on a systemic approach;
  • transmission technologies scan and costs issues;
  • scenarios and storylines for long term analyses of the European electricity system;
  • economics issues concerning a possible interconnection between UCTE and IPS/UPS.

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