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Synthetic description of performances and benefits of undergrounding transmission



Description of the “smart” (advance monitored) cable system and of its laboratory prototype
  D1.2.1 Improving network controllability by Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System (FACTS) and by High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission systems 2010-03-08
  D1.2.2 Improving network controllability by coordinated control of HVDC and
FACTS device
  D1.3.3 Comparison of AC and DC technologies for long-distance interconnections 2010-03-19
  D1.4.2 Final WP1 report on cost/benefit analysis of innovative technologies and grid technologies roadmap report validated by the external partners 2011-06-10


The model adopted for the scenario analyses. Structure and DataBase 2009-05-27
Energy services demand and scenario assessment


  D2.3.1 Synthesis report of WP2 on results of scenario analysis to be used in WP3 activities 2010-06-11
  D2.3.2 Final report of WP2 on results of long term scenario analysis for European power systems 2010-06-11
  D3.1.1 Review of existing methods for transmission planning and for grid connection of wind power plants


  D3.1.2 Report on extension and harmonisation of transmission planning criteria


  D3.2.1 Coordination Mechanisms, Tools and Load-Flow Issues of Cross-Border Transactions 2009-12-22
  D3.2.2 Price, Cost and Financial Aspects of Network Extension in the European Context 2010-04-27
  D3.2.3 Case study: Model-Based Transmission Investment Signals in Central Western and Central Eastern Europe 2001-07-29
  D3.3.1 Possible criteria to assess technical-economic and strategic benefits of specific transmission projects 2010-04-29
  D3.3.2 Review of costs of transmission infrastructures, including cross border connections 2011-06-27
  D3.3.3 Tool for the assessment of benefits given by the expansion of transmission infrastructures 2011-06-13
  D3.4.1 Report on identification of weaknesses in electricity and gas infrastructures by a probabilistic coupled model for electricity and gas  infrastructures 2001-07-29
  D3.4.2 Tool for a coordinated assessment of investments in electricity and gas infrastructures


  D3.5.1 Application of the REALISEGRID framework to assess technical-economic and strategic benefits of specific transmission projects 2011-07-11
  D3.5.2 Final report of REALISEGRID work package 3 on transmission investments 2011-07-29
  D3.6.1 Evaluation of electricity infrastructure development, investment needs, regulation and policy recommendations 2011-06-29
  D3.6.2 Incentive schemes and regulation framework for transmission development in Europe 2010-04-29
  D3.6.3 Transmission Grid Investments for an Efficient Integration of Renewable Energy Sources


  D3.7.1 Review of existing transmission planning and approval procedures and coordination of infrastructure developments between TSOs 2010-10-19
  D3.7.2 Improving consensus on new transmission infrastructures by a thorough presentation of the benefits given by priority projects 2011-03-29
  D4.2.5 Report on external dissemination activities and publications of the REALISEGRID project 2011-07-29
Interim Report - Preliminary results on streamlining planning and approval procedures of electricity transmission infrastructures


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