REALISEGRID: Rome meeting (30th  March – 1st April 2011)


Final WP3 Workshop 


·        Focus of the meeting


Two months before the end of REALISEGRID, the nearly definitive results of the most important project work package are presented and debated with the stakeholders asking, as usual, for their opinion and validation. The topics concern the most important transmission planning themes touched by the project and, in particular, the results of the modeling activities. Additionally, the results of the investigation on some important regulatory themes, like TSO incentivization policy and public consensus, are presented.


·        Program of the meeting (Rome, 31st March 2011)


Introduction by the Coordinator

G. Migliavacca (RSE)

Transmission planning: present challenges and possible new ways

A. Ciupuliga (TU Delft)

Model-based transmission investment signals assessment

G. Layr (APG), R. Hager (RIECADO), H. Weigt (TU Dresden)

Cost-benefit analysis and its application to the corridor EL2

G. Migliavacca (RSE)

Probabilistic coupled model for electricity and gas infrastructures

J. Milanovic (Uni Manchester)

TSO incentivization policies

M. Urbani (OME)

Public consensus to new infrastructures

A. Ciupuliga (TU Delft)



Project General Meeting 


·        Focus of the meeting


The meeting presents the draft conclusions of the last project deliverables. Draft conclusions are debated with the present Stakeholders


·        Program of the meeting (Rome, 1st April 2011)


Introduction by the Coordinator

G. Migliavacca (RSE)

Final WP1 report on cost/benefit analysis of innovative technologies and grid technologies roadmap report validated by the external partners

Moderated by S. Galant (Technofi)

Review of costs of transmission infrastructures, including cross border connections

Moderated by A. L’Abbate (RSE)

Application of the REALISEGRID framework to assess technical-economic and strategic benefits of specific transmission projects

Moderated by I. Losa (RSE)