REALISEGRID: a new EU project for promoting an optimal development of the European trans-national transmission grid infrastructure


The context 

The European electricity system is facing major challenges to implement a strategy for a reliable, competitive and sustainable electricity supply. The development and the renewal of the transmission infrastructure are central and recognised issues in this strategy. Indeed, the transmission system is a complex and strongly interconnected infrastructure that offers a wide range of benefits like reliability improvement, promotion of competitive electricity markets and of economic growth, support for development of new generation and for exploitation of renewable resources.


The goal 

The mission of REALISEGRID, a new project co-funded by the European Union (EU) within the 7th Framework Programme, is to develop a set of criteria, metrics, methods and tools to assess how the transmission infrastructure should be optimally developed to support the achievement of a reliable, competitive and sustainable electricity supply in the EU. The project moves along three axes:

  •  identification of performances and costs of new technologies aimed at increasing capacity, reliability and flexibility of the transmission infrastructure and preparation of a roadmap for the incorporation of new transmission technologies into the electricity networks
  • definition of long term scenarios for the EU power sector, characterized by different evolutions of demand and supply, with the goal to assess the impact on future electricity exchanges among European countries
  • implementation of a framework to facilitate harmonisation of pan-European approaches to electricity infrastructure evolution and to evaluate the overall benefits of transmission expansion investments. This cost-benefit analysis framework will be applied to test specific transmission projects listed in the EC “Priority interconnection plan”.


The numbers 

The project REALISEGRID encompasses 30 months of activities, carried out by 20 partners from 9 Countries. The total budget is more than 4.2 million Euro. The consortium features the presence of four major European transmission system operators, an important manifacturer of transmission hardware and several international research centers and universities.

REALISEGRID is co-ordinated by ERSE (former CESI RICERCA), that is also leader of the WP “Electricity transmission investments: a pan-European framework to assess transmission expansion benefits”.


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